Thursday, June 21, 2012

Conditioned Solstice

We’re celebrating this year’s summer solstice—it’s a day ahead of the usual date because we’re in a leap year while it lasts—by having air conditioning installed into this 1929 house. The work began in Spring and will end in Summer, the two points no more than two weeks apart. This rather extensive span is necessitated by the age of this house and its heating system: radiators. There are no furnace vents to be easily co-opted to carry cold air in summer. Hence rather major work’s involved. Needless to say, the resulting activity has demolished my routines, and will continue to do so for a while yet. After that will come relief. With all this going on, the  summer solstice caught me by surprise, so that this is written a day after. Whatever, as they say. I spent summer solstice digging up and then replanting two huge plants to make room for the compressor that lives outside. Sweaty work at 94° F. So quiet is that unit, the company informs me, that you can have a civilized conversation standing right by it, resting your coffee cups on this decorative top. Can hardly wait for it to come on… 

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