Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Progressive, Regressive Notes

The temperature has been so cool of late we might as well be living in an air-conditioned house—even as that project is now only about 65 percent complete. Caustic jokes come out of my mouth. “You watch, Brigitte,” I say. “As soon as the system is up and running, news will come that scientists now foresee that Global Cooling has begun.”

The workmen turned on the outdoor compressor while I was out in the yard writing on a clipboard. I didn’t notice. They came to fetch me to admire. It is quite unobtrusive. I used to be quite knowledgeable on this subject years ago, but technology keeps marching on. New techniques.

The two butterfly pupae have yielded butterflies. The sedate and conventional of the two turned out to be adventurous and stormed the screen door beating it to get out. The extroverted adventurous one, by contrast (and this happened yesterday), spent hours quietly, sedately drying its wings before Brigitte finally coaxed it outdoors. Pictures will be shown.

The world’s breathlessly waiting for the Supremes to rule on health care. Soon it’ll be another circus out there. My perhaps premature take on this is on LaMarotte.

We saw a quite wonderful film last night, Arranged. The film is unique in that it takes a contrarian stance toward modernity, placed in New York, no less. Quite unpredictable if you are steeped in our times and wary. Delightful.

Reading Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese. In an odd way its thematics are similar to Arranged. Have not read any novel in the daytime for years, but now my morning work-space is denied me. Yes, there it goes. The doorbell just rang. The workmen have arrived.

My notes are done just in time.

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