Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Great Loneliness

Just a thought. The thought is that a great loneliness hides behind the awed elevation of Apple as the greatest company—measured in market capitalization—and the doom-gloom surrounding Facebook, because the company seems unable to get Wall Street to fall in love with it. One represents “connectedness” as a physical object, the iPhone, the other the virtual locus where souls meet to commune. The ubiquity of the word “mobile” (as in, Hey, that’s what we are!) seems to me to be part of the phenomenon. We are restless roamers on the go, agitated particles, moving too fast to smell the roses. I sort of doubt that we are any more mobile than we were twenty years ago, by actual physical measurement, so this is something in the air.

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  1. Texting and messaging does not seem enough for truly "social" animals like us. We still like to "rub up against each other", as I see dogs doing when they know and meet. Never mind chimps' behavior... I'm almost sure chimps could learn to press the right keys on a Smartphone when they would like company....


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