Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Last of the Season?

This year here at Rancho Mariposa we have raised nine Black Swallowtail butterflies. Of those nine two passed away soon after shedding their chrysalis—in both cases the problem was a defective right wing. (Is Mother Nature signaling something?) The last one appeared this morning, a very healthy and very big lady. And she was really ready to head north; they always head north, until, I suppose, the migration period to the south sets in. I’d barely begun to take some photographs when she just took off.

So the raising season is over, but new visitors continue to arrive. Today I took some pictures of the Fiery Skipper. Several were taking an interest in our overflowing mint plantation. More on that subject later. Should other butterflies ask, you can tell them that the Rancho is still open, and the dining is free. The year's final report will be presented after the first frost.

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