Thursday, November 8, 2012

Du Calme, Du Calme

An early trip to Kroger this morning (no milk, no pudding), the lovely weather, and something in the air—was it an absence of tension?—made me reflect, as I already did in reaction to a comment on this site yesterday, that elections clear the air and always (even in those years when the other side wins) tell me that the collective, when it comes down to a decision, behaves with reasonably good sense. But then, returning, I saw that the DOW is still seeking some bottom. And it shocked me to discover the Maverick Philosopher mentioning civil war, Red v. Blue. God help us if it comes to that, he tells us, but then advises Leftists to be careful. Red-Staters, he tells us, will clean our clock—because they have the guns. Du calme, mon ami, du calme…

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  1. Scary!

    Yes, the Fox News bubble in which many people live has gotten so disconnected from reality (hey, MSNBC is bad enough but only a mere shadow of Fox) that the results of this election must have come as a big shock. They're looking for explanations that fit within that bubble and the contortions to which they must go to do that are truly astounding.

    I'll steer clear of all that and just enjoy the lack of phone ringing and campaign lit for now!


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