Thursday, November 15, 2012

Times in Upheaval?

Might it be that as we age time compresses, as it were? What for the young seems ages ago is for the old but yesterday. This observation is prompted by noticing that after each election, if you believe the sage pronunciamentos of the pundits, a New Age has just been proclaimed, and what ruled yesterday is fallen, indeed forever, as Everything’s Changed. But the last time that time reversed was just two years ago. And in two or four more years to follow, a mere eyewink for the septuagenarian, the same will happen once again. Similarly, no science fiction movie these  days ever has its heroine just save a city from a raid by nasty saucers. No. Each time the entire  Cosmos must be saved. Pundits thus seem grander, delivering on a cataclysmic Time of Reversal for all Ages—than merely noting the start of a new, ho-hum, and brief interval.

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