Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Sun is Shining!

The good Lord has decided to do the unusual. He waved a finger ever so slightly so that something we haven’t experienced in what seems like a month, but was surely at least three weeks, the grey skies have vanished and a bright sun shines this morning in celebration of Brigitte’s birthday. Not a cloud in sight—and it now seems that Folklore, which asserts that the sky is blue, must be true after all. Yes, even here in Mordor. Thank you, Lord. We know you love us. And a little hint of that will let us endure a lot for a long time to come.


  1. Happy birthday, Brigitte!

    How sweet the light that leaps from sky to earth!
    The sloughing wind is playing tag with trees,
    the tickled trees send laughter through the breeze,
    and hope is angel-sung, enhymned from birth.
    The heart is bright with cheer like gold unearthed,
    a thought like spring now breaks across the leas,
    the will once chained now does as it may please,
    the future trumpets loud and comes to berth!
    The clouds are sliver-lined by golden light,
    the sky is sparkling blue and smooth as glass,
    each sound is rich, and peace adorns each sight,
    as sweet as honey, solemn as the Mass.
    The world is good, and full of faith in right --
    so seize the moment, do not let it pass!

  2. My most sincere thank you for this lovely poem, Brandon. I feel blessed by having two of my very own poets laureate. Their compositions are all in my poetry box of exquisitely evocative poems. I had been waiting to see some of your poem drafts, Brandon, they have been absent far too long - precisely three months - since November 4, 2016. The year is still young and as you say "so seize the moment, do not let it pass!"

  3. I'll try, although the Muse sometimes can't be cajoled!

    I did have some more recent drafts, though:

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  5. A belated reader must agree that Brandon's poems are a treat!