Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our Last Butterfly Takes Off

The late one, the fifth Black Swallowtail we’ve managed to raise this summer, broke from her pupa today—and took off. The time was exactly noon. The glass jar, read “the hospital,” is the same one that travelled with us to Traverse City. The video lasts for one-and-a-half minutes and will not win any prizes, but here it is, for the record.


  1. But, Arsen, this last one was a HE! And a mighty flyer HE was!
    The fish bowl has NOW been cleaned, ready for next year's swarm or flock, whatever groups of these insect pupae are called. Dill and parsley seeds have been collected. Enough of these preferred herbs are essential for those voracious caterpillars. Once they have become the loveliest of insects next year, we will again enjoy sending them on their chosen way.

  2. Now Brigitte has me wondering what the group name for pupae is. I know that it's an army of caterpillars; but I don't think anyone's come up with one for the chrysalis stage, so it's fair game to make up a suitable one. (Perhaps an avalon, after the place King Arthur is said to sleep, and from which it is said he will one day return?)

  3. Avalon! Yes, that's perfect! Just what I needed.

    Or was that just a bit of sober humor not earnest seriousness on your part, Brandon? Either way, I appreciate the thought.


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