Thursday, August 18, 2011

Packed, Ready to Go

The image you see here is the mobile home of our five future Black Swallowtail butterflies. Yes. This is another post in that series. Last year Aristo was in her pupa stage when necessity compelled us to take a brief Canadian trip. (And yes. Aristo was a she. Brigitte’s found a site where boys and girls of this variety are separately shown, and now we know we should have named last year’s creature Arista.) This year we have five we cannot simply leave to their own fate. Four of them are in the chrysalis stage, one about to enter it. So last night Brigitte prepared a temporary habitation for them during our more or less annual trip to Traverse City, Michigan. It begins today. Three of the creatures are visible. That sign at the bottom was intended for me. As I went to bed last night, Brigitte said she had an idea of how we should house them. “I’ll tell you tomorrow,” she said. Well, the answer was waiting on the stove this morning.


  1. It's true. *EVERYBODY* goes to Traverse City this time of year...

  2. More and more I like Brigitte's sense of humor; always that excellent little touch.

  3. Yes, John, but not *everybody* goes in a classic MG!

    Brandon, I appreciate your comment, but it's not humor, rather a sense of seriousness overcomes me when building *Habitats for Wildlife* in my yard.

  4. I suppose sober humor and earnest seriousness will often look alike from the outside; either way, it's always good to see.


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