Sunday, October 9, 2011

Droning On

Thanks to a virus that seems to have affected the computer systems of the drone program of the U.S. Air Force, we learned yesterday of Creech Air Force Base. It is a small facility in southern Nevada across the highway, as it were, of Indian Springs, NV, a little place with 1,302 inhabitants. If you get tired of the splendors of Las Vegas, about 40 miles northwest of there, on U.S. 95, you can refresh your luck at Indian Springs Casino. The town is also home of the Southern Desert Correctional Center. The poignant fact in the story we read is that pilots report to work at Creech combat-ready; they’re wearing their flight suits. They work in a small concrete building seated in front of displays screens and guide drones in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and other places using a joy stick.

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