Tuesday, October 25, 2011


The y-axis rises, the x-axis runs.
A matrix of pixels here makes a universe
Of Maxwell’s equations, plastics and glass.

Beautiful women like hard metallic flowers
Recite the day’s political howlers chapter and verse.

Words hasten left to right and overlay the spoken
With the written Dows and Earthquake wrecks
And Thailand floods. The globerati travel
To impress and scold the Arabs fronting microphones
While our home-bound cognoscenti incandesce
Before the cameras.

Enough. A click brings shocking silence. It lasts.
Nothing happens but the night. Then look.
A shadow follows headlights faintly out there
In the falling rain.

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  1. Oh, how nice. You capture it well here, a feeling I have had many times upon just shutting it all off.

    It's funny, reading this I suddenly had a memory of an early scene in the Movie Blade Runner, in which projected ads and news broadcasts are being projected on the sides of building in a busy city scape as the protagonist walks wearily through the crowds and rain...


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