Wednesday, August 14, 2013

"Active" Squared by Science

We are Seniors, busy, active,
We’re also mobile and we’re spry.
Nips and tucks make us attractive,
We climb mountains, we can fly.
But to those who are proactive,
Unwilling yet to say goodbye,
Doctors promise something drastic
From old hip U of Hawaii.

The doctors there have found a tactic
To breed rabbits that glow by night—
DNA and such. Fantastic!
Hurrah, we say. Let us be bright!
Allergic to anything lactiv?
Who cares! We’ll soon be radioactive.

The inspiration for this comes from an article in The Atlantic, August 13, 2013, reachable here and titled “Glowing Bunnies: Why They Matter.” Rabbits, cats, even a lamb will soon glow in the dark. But here is one Senior who hopes that by the time the U of Hawaii is ready to launch Glow-Baby-Glow, Inc., complete with IPO and all of that, there will be a choice of colors.

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  1. Oh Arsen, this is again a perfect poetic photograph of how I feel. Thanks.


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