Friday, August 9, 2013

Fruits of the Season

The tomatoes come from our garden, the earliest. The peaches come from Monique's tree--way over on the other side of the metro area. We also saw, yesterday, the arrival of two Black Swallowtail males, named Max and Moritz. They were the eleventh and twelfth of our "production" this year--and the thirteenth, not yet named, will probably break from its chrysalis tomorrow. Moritz is resting on the leaf of our hydrangea brush. He dried his wings on that leaf for better than an hour, having flown there from our outdoor metal table. Then, finally, deep sigh, out into the world...


  1. Beautiful fruits of your garden. We have gorged on blueberries, and now are making plans to go to Romeo for peaches.

    Max and Moritz are cute.

    It show how old one is if one pronounces "Katzenjammer" in English as "katzenyammer" or "katzenjammer".

    Coincidentally, I woke up this morning thinking about the closed American embassies, and I thought "What a Katzenjammer things are these days", and I liked the sound of it.

  2. How nice, Max and Moritz!

    I'm happy to report that I've seen two Black Swallowtails in our garden this week. Until this week, I've almost only seen little white butterflies this year.

    Too bad you don't have pictures of your rather substantial strawberry harvest this year. I'll be sure to send along pictures when we "harvest" the blackberries this weekend.

    1. And today the last of the Mohicans, Chingachgook, brother to Max and Moritz flew off in the northwesterly direction. Wherever he goes we surely don't know; but now I am wondering whether he may stop by at Lake Wolverine, Monique, for a drink of nectar from your lovely flowers... We wished him farewell on his journey.


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