Friday, August 30, 2013


Temporarily uncovered next to me, on a stool layered by books, the Second Series of D.T. Suzuki’s Essays in Zen Buddhism just now produced the thought “austerity” as I glanced down. And the feeling-context was quite positive: refreshing, restoring, noble austerity.

It’s early morning, and I’d just surveyed front pages in two papers. In one I was shown a list of new tech companies. In most cases the “technology” appears to consist of code to be run on mobile devices, the programs intending to enhance our gaming experiences or the ambiance of our social networking . In another story, in another paper, I learn that gigantic rubber ducks are now de rigueur if you live in the Hamptons (read Long Island, NY), own a McMansion, a Mercedes G-Class SUV, and an Aquariva boat. Or equivalent. Or better. Hosting huge parties is another necessary qualification for giant duck ownership.

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