Saturday, November 22, 2014

Selfie Stick

If you haven’t heard of this product (we had not until this morning) it is high time to get with Modernity and invest in a Selfie Stick. The illustration I’m showing is from Wikipedia creative commons (here). The image was taken by Petar Milošević in Prague. The selfie stick is widely available from Amazon to Walmart, you might say. I saw one discounted from $21.81 to $4.19 (plus shipping) at Amazon.

The big banks all over the world are desperately trying to cause economic growth by printing more money and such. Growth is already here, if only we could promote desperately needed new products so that the public could know to acquire them.

Here is our attempt to grow the economy by making publicity waves. We shall, of course, acquire a pair of sticks ourselves, a Hers and a His, as soon as we have acquired some brand of iPhone to fit into their maws.

In the future—no doubt from Amazon, which already uses little robots to fill our many orders for books and such—will come the Selfie Bot. It will roll ahead of the user and take a constant stream of selfies as that person is doing his or her shopping. Stay alert, NSA. Here is yet another way to keep track of potential terrorists. We all are, after all, especially after seeing such products on sale…


  1. Hey, I just realized that you are back to a regular blogging schedule.
    Delighted to see that.
    And when it comes to selfie sticks, OMG, that is too funny.
    I'd never heard of such a thing.
    When it comes to selfie bots, not so far off Google Glass really... just have to turn them around.

  2. Luckily for us, Monique, they're almost as cheap as umbrellas. But when you take Katie on her walk on a rainy day, be sure it is your umbrella you hastily picked up, not your selfie-stick...


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