Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ardea Alba

During our time in the Florida Keys, we amassed more than 1,300 photographs collectively using some eight or nine cameras and at least one unsmart telephone smart enough to take quiet excellent pictures. Monique collected them all and then graciously distributed 4GB flash drives to each group holding all of them—combining thoughtfulness with USB ports. As might be expected, most of these are family photos, but sprinkled among them are shots that show the nature of this tropical setting. Michelle and I, on a morning’s walk, came across one of a Great White Egret (its Latin name my title) having a stroll of its own—or inspecting its property. The bird just went about its business, altogether unperturbed.

After we watched it for a while, a big van drove up with So-and-So Plumbing stenciled on its sides. It turned into this driveway and then came to a stop. The egret at first wouldn’t yield, but it began to walk toward the invisible mansion with the plumbing problem. And only quite a way up the drive did Her Magnificence (if I have the gender right) deign to step aside and let the van proceed.

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