Saturday, March 24, 2012

Password to the Workplace

An amusing new brouhaha might soon have us cheering and jeering, all depending on our views of privacy. If you go to Google News and click on the Technology tab today, you’ll see a story on the latest threat—covered, at last look, by some 777 sources. The story? Some employers, evidently, demand surrender of a prospective employee’s Facebook password before finalizing hires. The media are careful to report that it’s all anecdotal—but a story of such moment must be reported, they say. They know what is important. Drama, tension. I note this here because it resonates so nicely with the last post. We live in a reality where virtual events draw eyeballs. Under that same tab on Google is a report that the crew members of the International Space Station had to vacate the ISS to avoid the looming problem of a potential collision with some debris from a dead Russian satellite; 275 stories on this subject. The crew fled to the Soyuz spacecraft anchored there for emergencies. Luckily the debris passed the ISS at a distance of nine miles. The crew is safe—as is my Facebook password. I don’t intend to take a job anytime soon.

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  1. Your password is safe, as is mine, my dear. Since you had set up my face book account for me, you had with great care and good foresight, placed my password into my little ‘green book of passwords’. I am also not job-hunting currently, but if ever anyone should ask for my FB password, I will NOT reveal it, I promise.
    The often seriously offered advice NOT to give out one's SS number, however, has proven impossible to heed. All banks, doctors, dentists, credit card issuers and even some online merchants insist on learning your number. Employers, of course, will know it at once, of anyone applying for work with them.