Monday, October 22, 2012

Fastest Editor in Longest Race

In resplendent October weather yesterday several thousand people of all ages took part in the Detroit Marathon. I don’t know how many started, but 3,749 finished, among them our own redoubtable Robert Lazich. He came in 610th—and this his first ever marathon! Bob was a little disappointed—but his time was 3 hours and 50 minutes, which tells me that he ran 26.2 miles, each mile in 8:46 minutes. All of us at ECDI are more breathless in surprise than Bob was crossing the finish line! Monique was there to witness and contributed the pictures. Wonderful.

The marathon is sponsored by the Detroit Free Press and Talmer Bank. ECDI stands for Editorial Code and Data, Inc., where Bob works—and if I told you how many years he has been active there, you would be even more amazed that he finished so high in the standings. As for “redoubtable,” that word does tempt me to explain it. But the word to parse today is Congratulations! We’re all very proud of you, Bob!

Oh, yes. Bob is not shown anywhere. Monique arrived after Bob had passed. He was too swift for us!

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