Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Butterfly as Muse

The season is in dormancy. Two pupae from last season wait in a glass outdoors—to help them feel the cold, under whose influence their tiny hidden bodies will generate a kind of antifreeze; they dream of Spring. But, despite that, the Spirit of the Butterfly is present still. I found a note from Brigitte this morning with a poem by Brandon Watson inspired by the Butterfly as Muse. We’re grateful. Brigitte’s note said: “How utterly wonderful! Thank you, Brandon!” I join her. Pure delight (link).


  1. Delighted you liked it! The moment it came to mind, I thought of you two.

  2. What a lovely poem.
    Cheers, Brandon.
    And A&B, how mice that such beautiful images and thoughts bring you two to mind!


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