Friday, October 19, 2012

This Felt Better

The Detroit News headline was DOMINATION. I understand the sentiment, but thought it premature. We ought always to live with an extended timeline, and it isn’t over yet. Yes, yes. Miraculously, you might say, the Detroit Tigers not only won the American League Championship Series but swept the Yankees.  And that felt better than last year’s division championships in which the Tigers had also prevailed (link). But now what looms ahead is a contest with the second-ranking St. Louis Cardinals. Vivid are my memories of the last game of that contest in 2006 when our Tigers nobly lost the World Series to the Red Birds. So let’s not shout domination and such things yet. Let us await what fate has in store. The Cardinal’s are now 3:1 against the Giants. The improbable might still happen. If it does, and the Giants somehow reverse that picture, my imagery of this year’s contest may yet become reality: the Tigers facing exhausted Giants in San Francisco…


  1. Ah, but how very sweet the sweep was!

    For now, I'll just wallow in that feeling, putting off for now the inevitable anxiety that will come next week.

  2. I am glad it was no longer about Bob Bashara's Bar and Dungeon.

  3. Montag: During an ages-ago trip to then East-Germany, I noticed that people there only ever bought sports papers and read them with great concentration. The "news" was all just dreary commie hype. Therefore I don't "read" the Freep or DetNews except for the sports pages, and those only when something is "up." Brigitte mines the paper for bargains, though, which one must do as one is slowly sinking toward the 47 percent in advancing age...


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