Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Migration Begins

In fact it began some days ago but is still not entirely over. I show a part—sigh, only a part—of our vast collection of jade plants (formally Crassula ovata). They are all descendants of a single one! They’re getting a little extra light this year from the silvery reflections of the newly installed air-conditioning ducts. The biggest of these, the ancestress of all the rest, is still outdoors and will come in when the sun room has been sorted. The plants you see will enrich my personal environment, the computer station from which this picture was taken and whence all of these posts originate. Nice to have company again—for about six months.

Is it just us? The cold weather seems earlier than usual. Last year “the plants came in” on November 11…

Plants will soon be everywhere indoors, all windows having ample sunlight crowded with worshipers—all the way up to the half-landing to the attic, the place where our geraniums do their wintering and, seemingly much refreshed by the almost freezing temperatures up there, burst into vivid bloom.

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